About our work
Our story began 20 years ago in Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, by creating a team with already having an experience in production of upholstered furniture. And from the beginning the main goal is to achieve the harmony between technique and aesthetics and offer the customer the harmony and creativity for perfect living. The main characteristic of our production is that everything is done here in our factory, from idea and design, making of the whole construction to final a product. We have created design and consulting studio that offers creative solutions from the field of innovation and design, methodology to create new solutions that are tailor-made to suit people’s needs or particular purpose. Our experienced team and team leaders can manage all of your projects and all details about your projects and turn each idea into realization. We offer solutions and coordination through the entire project time, directly handling the problems, ensuring the short realization time and an outstanding execution excellence, technical support and project management. In these years of creative work we have generated two separate but very bonded production lines, one that works on producing for the final consumer, our homes and our everyday living and the other line of producing upholstered furniture solutions for the gastronomy chains and hotel industry. Our concept, as well as the selection of materials, workmanship and manufacture, are all guided by the desire to experiment without overstepping the boundary into excess, supported by constant attention to quality and ergonomics . Zona Mebel believes that design products should not only be technically excellent, but also respond to real consumer needs, as well as offering aesthetics to bring out the emotions.
Our motto
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